Your journey starts here... Verter is the Latin word for Version. We are specialized in software and content translation, internationalization, globalization and quality assurance.

Building on market experience, technical and translation know-how, our deliverables are distinguished for added value and quality at source. We offer a variety of services provided by high skilled professionals. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Markets are intensely competitive, requiring shorter product to market lead time. We have expertise and experience to meet your changing, challenging and quickly approaching business goals. Competitive advantage comes from differentiation. More than just a reproduction vendor, Verter IT is capable of innovative solutions, strategic thinking and contribution to success.

If you ever worked with Verter before, thanks for your preference. If you never tried, let's Verter IT!

Have you ever wondered how to expand your business across frontiers? Make it versioned for its target audience. Bring it abroad through web site, software, online documentation, printed material translation and adaptation.

Our main focus comprises English-Brazilian Portuguese localization/translation, engineering and testing in any language. Further details can be found in our Services page.

Brazil is a large emerging market with great potential for international ventures. It is the largest economy in Latin America. Its estimated population is over 188 million people. Its territory is one of the widest in the world. Most of its population is concentrated along the coast, far from international borders. Due to its size and demography among other factors, very little percentage of the population speaks foreign languages.

In light of above, what’s the way to take your slice in this appealing land of opportunities? Verter IT brings you the answer. Translating/Localizing products into Brazilian Portuguese will allow you stretch boundaries reaching a massive number of consumers who are just waiting for new national look and feel temptations.

Similarly, Verter IT brings the solution for Brazilian companies aiming to venture globally. We can translate/localize your products, web sites, marketing, training and any other materials into English and other languages allowing you to do business offshore. The English language has official or special status in more than seventy countries, and is widely used in scientific publications, technical papers, air-traffic control, business, conferences, diplomacy, commerce, international competitions, etc. This market is immense and so does possibilities that arise from investment.